chiefOn behalf of the Westfield Fire Department, allow me to welcome you to our website.

Our personnel are comprised of approximately 75 dedicated and highly trained men and women that respond to fire, rescue, and medical emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our members have gone through various training classes and are certified to handle the dynamic situations when they are called upon.

It is the vision of the Westfield Fire Department to be a premier provider of fire prevention, fire protection, medical, and rescue services; and to be held in the highest regard by the people we work with and the people we serve.

As a combination fire department, with both paid and volunteer staff, we are always looking for new members to join our team and staff our ranks. I highly encourage you to stop by on a Tuesday evening and find out how you can help.

We provide training, free of charge, if you do not have any experience. If you have been a firefighter or EMS provider prior in the past, please come down and share your time and knowledge with us.

As you look through our website, please let us know if there is anything you would like to see. This site was designed to be an information center for our residents and business owners to rely on with regards to our services, as well as a connection point to other local, state, federal safety agencies and organizations.

William Balch
Fire Chief
Westfield Fire Department


District Commission Annual Elections Held

On Tuesday February 2, 2016 the Westfield Fire District Commission held its annual elections.  There are 9 commissioners on the board and each year, 3 commissioners are elected for a 3-year term.  This year, the candidates were Ross Andrew, Jr., Joseph Augeri, Thaddeus Bysiewicz and Leo Zieller.  Candidates Andrew and Augeri are members of the Westfield Fire Department (WFD).  Per the Charter of the Westfield Fire District, there is only one seat on the Commission available to WFD members at this election.

Votes were tallied and announced as:  156 votes for Ross Andrew, Jr., 165 votes for Joseph Augeri, 136 votes for Thaddeus Bysiewicz and 133 votes for Leo Zieller.

Vice Chairman Jones announced Joseph Augeri, Thaddeus Bysiewicz and Leo Zieller as the winners for a three year term commencing on February 3, 2016.



Annual Meeting of the Westfield Fire District

The Annual Meeting of the Westfield Fire District of the City of Middletown will be held on February 2, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. at the Westfield Fire Department, 653 East Street, Middletown, CT.

Please click on the link below for the Legal Notice for the complete details.

Legal Notice – 2016 Annual Meeting


12/17/2015 BArn Fire on Atkins St

Just Before 5am Westfield Fire Dept was dispatched to 416 Atkins St for a reported barn fire. Capt Lubee arrived on scene to find a fully involved 30×30 barn. Engine 2 arrived and streched a 2 1/2″ handline and started to exstinguish the fire. Below is a photo prior to FD’s arrival. We would like to thank all our mutual aid depts for thier assistance this morning.

Units on scene
Westfield Engines 2 and 5
Tanker 4, Tower 6 and Rescue 3
Middletown Fire Engine 3
South Fire District Engine 32
Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company Tanker 5
Cromwell Fire Dept Engine 4

Station coverage was provided by East Berlin Fire Dept Engine 7

 416 Atkins St Barn Fire



Westfield Fire Mourns

The Westfield Fire Department regrets to announce the passing of 50-year life member and former captain Dayton St. Peter.  Anyone hanging around the firehouse on a drill night over the past 20 years will remember Dayton as the feisty French-Canadian who loved to use his dry witty humor on anyone passing by.  He will surely be missed. A wake will be held at Biega Funeral Home, 3 Silver Street, Middletown CT on Tuesday December 8, 2015 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.  Additional information will be made public as it becomes available.


In a Flash – How Modern Homes Are Fueling Faster Fires

Click the link below to see a compelling “paid post” from the NY Times about modern house fires. Every homeowner should view the videos and understand the facts. Thirty years ago, you had roughly 17 minutes to get our of your home…today that 17 minutes is down to 3 or 4. There are two embedded vidoes on landing page – scroll down through the site and check it out!  And, please make sure 1) your smoke and CO detectors are functioning and have fresh batteries, and 2) you have an escape plan and meeting point for your family.

In a Flash


Westfield Fire Dept’s Annual Open House

Westfield Fire Open House


This Saturday come meet the men and women of the Westfield Volunteer Fire Department at our annual Fire Prevention Open House; there will be Refreshments served along with several different types of demonstrations. Everyone is welcome to attend




Busy 24 Hours for Westfield

Westfield Fire responded to 9 calls in the last 24 hours including 4 EMS runs, 3 possible structure fires and 2 MVA’s on I91 southbound.  Thankfully, the 3 possible structure fires, all of which were mutual aid responses to South Fire District and Central District, turned out to be false alarms.  The first MVA was a single car off the side of the road.  The vehicle hit a tree about 20 yards up an embankment.  The vehicle struck the tree so hard that the engine tore away from its mounts and from the transmission and was found resting about 15 feet behind the vehicle.  See the photo below.  The second MVA was also a single car found in the median that required extrication of one patient.  Cromwell Fire was first on-scene and assisted Westfield with patient care and extrication.  Excellent and highly professional work by all Westfield members and our mutual aid partners at each of these incidents.

I91SB 10-4-15


Westfield Fire Earns Improved ISO Score

The Westfield Fire Department is proud to announce that our district’s property protection class rating issued by the Insurance Services Office has improved by one full point this year from 5/9 to 4/4x. Commonly known as the “ISO rating”, each district is independently evaluated and assigned a score from one to ten. The lower the number, the better the protection. The rating is often used by insurance agencies to calculate insurance preminums, so a lower score can result in better insurance rates. Factors considered as part of this evalution are fire reporting and communications infrasturcture and process, fire station locations, equipment type and testing, personnel training, readiness and response capabilities and water supply. The Westfield Fire District includes areas with and without fire hydrants requiring our department to prove that we can deliver sufficient sustained water flow to areas that do not have fire hydrants. It is the mission of the Department to continue to improve the quality of our fire protection services and this is one indpendent method of measuring the quality of our services and planning for future improvements.  Any property owners in the Westfield Fire District who have questions about the District’s ISO ratings or who plan to contact their homeowner’s insurance carrier about how the rating change may affect their premiums should contact the Westfield Fire District’s Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) for additional information.

Brush fire under the powerlines

ris11811338_748089361986968_1124074677122062881_n 11863451_748089345320303_5609576820733867453_n 11863257_748089505320287_342803403538061931_n 11800619_748089395320298_1205578241730124917_n 11060257_748089475320290_9051326719721300245_n 11145223_748089321986972_5051109468559753347_n 11752465_748089415320296_4324216205917956783_n


Saturday afternoon Westfield Fire Dept was alerted to a reported brush fire in the area of 810 Spruce Brook Rd, upon arrival of the first due units it was determined that the fire was under the power lines where power crews were working. Below are a few photos of crews extinguishing the fire. We would like to thank Cromwell Fire Department for sending an engine to cover while crews worked the brush fire.

Units on Scene
Engine 2
Tanker 4
Forestry 8 and 10


School Bus accident on westlake dr


6/2/15- Yesterday morning Westfield Fire Dept was alerted to Westlake Dr in the area of Smith St for a reported motor vehicle accident with hazards Rescue 3 arrived to find a bus leaning to one side after sliding into a ditch crews deployed rescue jacks to stabilize the bus and help the kids off no injuries were reported Resuce 3 and Engine 2 operated