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The Fire Marshals Office is responsible for issuing the following permits:

  • Open Burning (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection)
  • Blasting (Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection)

Permit for Open Burning

A application for the Open Burning of Brush can be obtained from the Westfield Fire Marshal's Office as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The burning must be taking place with the Westfield Fire District,
  • The burning must take place by the permit holder on property that they own, and
  • Other means of removal is impractical

Once the property owner files the application, the property will be inspected and must meet all local and state requirements regarding open burning.

More information can be obtained by calling (860) 632-2488.

Blasting Permits

Blasting Permits (Application to Purchase, Transport, and Use Explosives) can only be filed by an authorized blaster certified by the State of Connecticut. Blasting Permits are good for 30 days and are $60 per permit.

More information can be obtained by calling (860) 632-2488.