Tanker 4

Tanker 4 is responsible for bringing water to the areas of the district that are not protected by fire hydrants.

This apparatus can act as an engine because it is equipped with a 1500 gallon per minute Waterous Pump, however, what makes this a tanker is it carries 2000 gallons of water in the tank. Along with water, the tanker carries 60 gallons of Class B firefighting foam.

Westfield 4 is equipped with three large discharges to quickly dump the water from the apparatus to portable tanks which are used in tanker shuttle operations. These discharges, commonly referred to a dumps, are located on the driver’s side, passenger side, and rear of the vehicle.

The tanker carries a portable dump tank which has a maximum capacity of 2500 gallons of water. This is used in tanker shuttle operations in which large amounts of water are trucked in, or shuttled, from the source and dumped into these tanks. Once the water is dumped, another fire engine drafts the water out of the tanks and supplies the hand lines in operation.

Westfield 4 is powered by a 475 HP Detroit Diesel with an Allison Automatic Transmission