Rescue 3

Rescue 3 is the only rescue truck in the district. The apparatus is used primarily for motor vehicle accidents in the district, but also provides support equipment for fires, hazardous materials incidents, and incidents in which technical rescue equipment is needed.

Rescue 3 carries the full compliment of Hurst equipment (Jaws of Life), which includes a spreader, two cutters, a combination tool (cutter and spreader), and a set of rams. This system is powered either by an electric motor, which is run off of the 20 kilowatt PTO generator, or can be powered by a gas unit which is portable and can be moved close to the incident if needed.

The Rescue also carries equipment for stabilizing vehicles involved in an accident, such as wood cribbing and the Res-Q-Jack System; and also carries Maxiforce High Pressure lifting bags for lifting heavy items or vehicles.