Ladder 6

Ladder 6 is used to provide access to roofs, and other remote areas of buildings, that a ground ladder would not be able to reach.

Westfield 6 is equipped with a 100 foot Aerial Ladder with a 15′ Articulating Jib Section. The ladder truck also has the ability to pump water with its 1500 gallon per minute Waterous Pump.

This truck also carries a full complement of ground ladders: 45 foot – 3 Section Pole Ladder, 30 foot – 3 Section Extension Ladder, 28 foot – 2 Section Extension Ladder, 16 foot – Roof Ladder, 12 foot – Roof Ladder, and a Little Giant Collapsible Ladder.

Westfield 6 is powered by a 475 HP Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine with Allison Automatic Transmission. This truck has a 10 kilowatt Diesel Generator